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Our Process

Bombshell does manufacturing in Hong Kong on demand. That means we keep no stock. No stock! Every pair of leggings is printed, cut, and sewn after a customer places an order.

Every piece of clothing you’ve bought was manufactured the Old Way: a designer creates a line six months ahead of season, buyers place orders, fabric is shipped on containers across oceans to sweatshops in Asia, which are sent on other containers to stores all around the world where they sit on a shelf until someone buys them or they get dumped in a landfill. This is wasteful and inefficient.

Let us show you the New Way.

Bombshell Asia -- Process 1 -- Artist


An artist has a vision. There is paint, or pixels, or a shutter click, and voila! Something beautiful exists. This is where the Artist credit on your waistband comes from.

Bombshell Asia -- Process 2 -- Adaption


Now the art needs to be adapted to the human body. This is as much of an art form as creating the original work, and our artists use tools to make sure they create the most flattering shapes possible. This is where the Designer credit on your waistband comes from.

Bombshell Asia -- Process 3 -- Command


You, the customer, are a crucial piece of this process! Your wish is our command. When you order leggings, you are bringing art to life.

Fabric Fatale

The best leggings in the world are made with the best fabric in the world. Totally opaque, moisture wicking, fast dry, four-way stretch, soft and breathable. Even better, the Italian factory that makes it is bluesign certified!

Bombshell Asia -- Process 5 -- Sublimation

Dye Sublimation

Your graphics are printed first onto paper, then transferred into fabric. During this process, the ink goes from being a solid to a gas and then back to solid again without passing through the liquid stage. The ink will never come out of the fabric, no matter how many times you wash it.

Bombshell Asia -- Process 6 -- Cutting


Our seamstresses cut out each leg one at a time with badass electric scissors that will never give them carpal tunnel. At any other factory, fabric is cut in huge stacks, which causes deviations in the sizes. The piece on top will be the true size, but the one on the bottom could be an inch bigger. Every pair of Bombshell leggings is true to size.

Bombshell Asia -- Process 7 -- Sewing


This ain’t a sweatshop, folks! Our seamstresses are given flexible hours, endless praise, music of their choice, and decent wages.

Bombshell Asia -- Process 8 -- Shipping


If you live in Hong Kong or Macau your shipping is always free! For orders further afield, each package is sealed with a kiss for good luck on its journey to you.

Bombshell Asia -- Process 9 -- Ownage

Own it

You are the bomb, so rock your Shells for whatever action-packed adventure you got them for.