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Bombshell Asia -- Sweatshop Free GuaranteeWelcome to Bombshell, the one and only Hong Kong based create-on-demand leggings manufacturer. We keep no stock, instead we only start creating your very own leggings once you like a design and hit that ‘order now’ button. That way, we can cycle thorough dozens of designs a week and you get to choose a design that you love and that will only be shared by very few people. Heck, you can even submit your own design to us! And as another big plus, we save the environment as we only produce that what is actually wanted by our awesome customers. Find out more about our creation process here. Our awesome collections are just below.


Bombshell Asia -- Space Collection
Bombshell Asia -- MCM Collection
Bombshell Asia -- Forrest Yoga Collection
Bombshell Asia -- Action Collection
Bombshell Asia -- Muscle & Flow Collection